African Traditional Healer Dr Elliot Ndlovu

African Traditional Healer Dr Elliot Ndlovu, Inyanga (medicinal healer) and Sangoma (spiritual healer) is our inspiration and gives to us and our guests the wisdom and healing powers of Africa. In Elliot’s garden we have over 120 different species of healing plants. We also have two African therapy rooms and Elliot’s consulting room. All built and designed in Zulu style.


African Traditional HeaThese photographs are taken at his place, 50 metres outside the Spa, called KwaNdlovu (Place of Ndlovu). This is in actual fact a part of our Spa but is where we do specific treatments using traditional extracts from Zulu healing plants. There are two therapy rooms at KwaNdlovu. Elliot has his consulting room in the centre. The area is surrounded by a garden of over 120 varieties of traditional healing plants.

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African Traditional HeaElliot is touching the African Potato, known in Zulu as Inkomfe. It has been called Africa’s miracle plant and has anti cancer properties as well as building immunity.


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African Traditional HeaElliot is seated between beds of Artemesia Afra and Leonotis Leonorus both of which are significant healing plants which are used in a wide variety of products and treatments at Fordoun.

View Dr Elliot Ndlovu’s selection of treatments, or find our more information about our Ndlovu Red and Green product ranges and their ingredients.


sangoma Dr Elliot Ndlovu tells of his calling in his recently published book “A Sangoma’s Story”.  Read more…