African Traditional Healer Treatments

African Traditional Healer Dr Elliot Ndlovu provides a number of treatments at the Fordoun Hotel and Spa, Nottingham Road.

go go site Umhlonyane Massage (1 hour)
Similar to a Swedish Massage in technique but using Artemesia Afra (Umhlonyane) infused oil. Artemesia uplifts the spirit and in traditional medicine it is also used for decongestion, treating of colds, and bronchial and respiratory ailments. Zulu ceremonial and spiritual uses of Artemesia include virginity ceremonies. It is interesting to note that the scientific name for this plant (Artemesia) is derived from Artemis, the Greek Goddess, and in ancient Greece, the virginity ceremony also used Artemesia.

Umcako Lungisa (‘cleanse the skin’ – 40 minutes)
Rasul clay and steam treatment – enjoy a Turkish steam bath with full body application of Dr Ndlovu’s clay. White clay, dug from the nearby Thabamhlope (White Mountain), is applied to the body as a paste. The Rasul procedure goes through cycles of drying, steaming (moisturising), and then showering. Zulu tradition is that the clay is harvested by virgins or post menopausal women at the time of full moon and then boiled for three days to remove any impurities, then drained, dried and rolled into round balls. The clay has both exfoliating and moisturising properties.

go Umunyane Shisayo (1 hour)
Hot stone therapy massage using oil infused with Umunyane, which is the Zulu name for Leonotis Leonorus, the fragrant indigenous wild cannabis plant.

follow link Ukuthoba Pedicure (1 hour)

The image shows one of our therapists, Pearl Ngcobo, giving our client a ‘Duku Duku’ stick massage in one of the Zulu Therapy rooms. She will be using an oil based on an extraction of either Artemesia Afra or Leonotis Leonorus and gently works the rounded sticks up and down the back on either side of the spine.

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