Ndlovu Red and Green Product Ranges

The Ndlovu Red and Green range of products are created from plants used for traditional healing. Note that product packaging not only carries details of the ingredients but also a message of lifestyle advice from Traditional Dr Ndlovu. All prices are VAT inclusive.


Leonotis Leonorus (Wild Dagga, the African indigenous cannabis)
Decoctions are used for treating skin diseases, boils and itching. Also muscular cramps. Leaf infusions have been used for asthma and viral hepatitis. Smoked for the relief of epilepsy. Leaves or roots are widely used for treating bites or stings. Many of the above ailments are stress related.
Leonotis Leonorus Massage Oil

Cost: ZAR 45.00 (50ml)

For the relief of stress, anxiety and muscular pain.
“At the bottom of our fear is our inability to manage situations. When we feel out of control, muscles in the shoulders and neck areas tend to contract and burn. Remember, every single event in your life is connected to the next event. Everyone who comes into your life even in a coincidental way could lead you to something that can turn your entire life around. So trust the process and know that you will handle events when you need to.”

Leonotis Leonorus Bath and Body Soap

Cost: ZAR 35.00 (100g)

A delightfully fragrant bathtime pleasure. Also infused with medicinal plant extracts such as Marula seed oil, Aloe Ferox extract and wild Geranium.
“You can create miracles for yourself in your own life. Within you lies a field of limitless possibility. Have a purpose in life and let go of things that are not serving you or your dreams. By holding onto things that are not working for you, you contaminate your possibilities. Symbolically, bath time is also a cleansing ritual, releasing negativity. Remember you can either choose to stay trapped in limitations, or you can choose to be pro-active and find solutions to your problems.”

Leonotis Leonorus Shower Gel

Cost: ZAR 85.00 (250ml)

Creates radiance whilst caring for the skin. Also infused with Hypoxis (African Potato) root oil, Rooibos extract and Aloe Barbadensis gel.
“We can choose to function at a low level of awareness and simply exist, caring for our possessions, eating, drinking, sleeping and managing in the world as slaves. Or we can soar to new and higher levels of awareness, allowing ourselves to transcend our environment and creating a world of our own. Your willingness to reach your higher state of awareness – to give your life a purpose – is the first step in manifesting your dreams.”

Leonotis Leonorus Hand and Body Lotion

Cost: ZAR 85.00 (100ml)

Helps to balance skin moisture content. Also infused with Aloe Ferox extract, Neroli, Lavendula, Marula seed oil and Sweet Orange.
“Tribal (or group) experiences or challenges are crucial in gaining wisdom. Remember that every ‘other’ person in your world is here to teach you. Become aware of ‘where you invest your energy’.  Is it in anger or resentment? By connecting with your authentic power, do you allow the energy of red to assist you in setting boundaries by being assertive rather than aggressive? Red energy is known to be a frequency for recuperating and repairing.”

Leonotis Leonorus Roll-on Therapy

Cost: ZAR 100.00 (10ml)

Try this for localised aches and pain such as muscular cramps and stiff muscles. Also helps uplift the spirit. Also infused with Aloe oil, Marula oil, Hypoxis (African Potato), Evening Primrose oil and pine.
“Stay focused and bring yourself back to your natural rhythm of being.”

Leonotis Leonorus Bath Salts

Cost: ZAR 85.00 (200ml)

For stress relief. Also infused with Citrus Aurantium Amara, Citrus Paradisi, Lavandula and Pinus Sylvestris.
“You are totally responsible for your own soul. When you forget that, you have stress and unpleasantness by trying too hard to please or get approval from others. Creating magic in your world is impossible when you forget about what really matters in your life. No matter how hard you try to get the approval of others, you will always be a slave to the needs of those people. Go on…release yourself and listen to your heart, if it feels right then do it. If not…let it go.”

watch Leonotis Leonorus Body Spray

Cost: ZAR 85.00 (100ml)

An uplifting and refreshing fragrance for energising body and mind. Also infused with Cinnamonum Zelanicum, Citrus Aurantium Amara, Citrus Paradisi, Lavandula and Pinus Sylvestris.
“Your body spray can form part of a meditative ritual. By learning how to introduce your essence into yourself you will be able to energise a fatigued body. Spray all over your body to clear negativity whilst uplifting your senses and nurturing your skin. A rebirthing experience for skin and soul.”


Artemesia (Umhlonyana)
In traditional healing Artemesia is used for treating respiratory ailments such as coughs, colds, congestion, sinus and influenza. It is also widely used in Africa as a remedy to fight and protect against malaria. An important traditional use of Artemesia in Zulu culture is the virginity ceremony, called Umhlonyana. A rope of Artemesia stem fibres is woven and virgins wear this across the body for a period prior to the ceremony. They wear it constantly (bathing, sleeping etc.). The ceremony itself also involves the burning of Artemesia leaves as incense. The Artemesia leaves are mixed with Impepo (Helichrysum) leaves which are used for communication with ancestors. A fascinating aspect of this age old Zulu ceremony is the similarity to the ancient Greek virginity ceremony in which the virgins used Artemesia as an incense and garland. The plant Artemesia is named after the Greek Goddess Artemis.
Artemesia Massage Oil

Cost: ZAR 45.00 (50ml)

For the treatment of coughs, colds and sore, stiff muscles. Also infused with Marula Seed oil, Sweet Almond oil, Aloe Barbadensis, Ravensara Aromatica and Rosemary oil.
“Excellent as an all over massage oil. Whilst massaging, imagine yourself releasing all negative thoughts about yourself. Allow the love from your heart to infuse every cell of your body, healing you physically and emotionally.”
Precaution – Do not use during pregnancy. Avoid contact with eyes.

Artemesia Bath and Body Soap

Cost: ZAR 35.00 (100g)

A soft and gentle soap with a mildly abrasive action which removes dead surface skin cells. Also infused with Lavendula, Aloe Ferox extract, Rosemary, Marula seed oil and Lemon.
“You can’t allow people’s opinions to influence your truth. Make bath time a special time when you can wash away negativity and let go of the things that do not serve your purpose in life. Breathe in the aroma of your body soap and be mindful of breathing in life.”

here Artemesia Shower Gel

Cost: ZAR 85.00 (250ml)

Washes away impurities without leaving skin dry. This shower gel is low in foam as harsh chemicals would destroy Traditional Dr Elliott Ndlovu’s natural plant extracts. Also infused with Hypoxis Rooperi (African Potato) root extract, Rooibos extract, and Aloe Barbadensis gel.
“The energy of negative self concepts collects throughout the body and creates toxic conditions. Use shower time to wash away all negative beliefs that you may have about yourself and your abilities.”

Artemesia Hand and Body Lotion

Cost: ZAR 55.00 (100ml)

Restores elasticity and softness and helps maintain the skin’s moisture content. Also infused with Marula seed oil, Rooibos extract, Lavendula, Aloe Ferox extract, Mentha Pioperita and Lemon.

“Take responsibility for your own healing and love yourself more. You cannot rely on others to make you feel good about yourself. All beauty starts from within. Your skin represents individuality and you can maintain a healthy youthful skin by self approval.”

Artemesia Roll-on Therapy

Cost: ZAR 100.00 (10ml)

Soothes and relieves areas of congestion and pain. Also infused with Jojoba oil, Marula seed oil, Rooibos, Aloe Ferox, Lavender, Chamomile, Eucalyptus and Black Pepper.
“So often we tend to take people for granted. Very often it is those closest to us. The greatest sadness for the soul is not being able to tell someone how much we love or respect or appreciate him or her because it is too late. Remember this, and do it – often.”
Precaution – Do not use during pregnancy. Avoid contact with eyes.

Artemesia Bath Salts

Cost: ZAR 70.00 (200ml)

Relaxes and restores body and mind with a whirl of natural aromas. Also infused with Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Chamomile, Lavender and Lemon.
“People who are ‘salt of the earth’ honour their word. They say only what they mean. They know that with their word they can either create magic or pain. Look at your own life, and see how many times you have dishonoured your word. Remember that your word is the power that you have to express and communicate events in your life.”

Artemesia Body Spray

Cost: ZAR 85.00 (100ml)

Invigorating cool / heat that uplifts the senses. Also infused with Rosemary, Lemon, Lavender and Peppermint.
“How many times have you regretted saying something bad to someone when you did not have to? However angry you may have felt at the time, you could have been non-committal and just walked away without leaving behind hurt and anger. Always think carefully and realise that in most instances your judgements are better left within.”


Baba Ndlovu

30ml Spray: ZAR 640.00
2ml Mini Spray: ZAR 80.00

This remarkable fragrance is the manifestation of a vision. A vision held by Tr Dr Ndlovu to capture the essence of his African spirit. It is a distillation of his world and is unmistakenly African. It was composed from the inspiration of his environment and embodies the dew-fresh mist of morning, the ozonic rain of an African afternoon and the smoke of wooded hills at evening.


30ml Spray: ZAR 640.00
2ml Mini Spray: ZAR 77.00

A beautiful fragrance is a remembrance of a woman after she has passed by. Botanist and environmentalist, Tr Dr Ndlovu has created a mystical and secret composition inspired by his love of African flora. It is Tr Dr Ndlovu’s wish that it becomes part of your fragrance wardrobe and every time you wear it, you dream of Africa.


We stock both red and white clays at Fordoun and use them in the Rasul treatment procedure during which the clay softens and purifies the skin. The procedure is to flake the clay, then moisten it with water and apply the paste to face and body. The Rasul treatment procedure first dries the clay and then steams it (like in a steam room) and finally washes the clay off via a warm shower.

The clays are gathered by a local rural community for Dr Ndlovu. As is the traditional practice, clay may only be gathered at full moon and only by pre menstrual girls or post menopausal women. Two old ladies on the farm boil the raw clay for 3 days and then form it into balls. These clays are age-old African cosmetics – ibovu, the red clay and umcako, the white clay used by initiates at circumcision schools – have been chemically analysed and found to be beneficial to the skin. Both clays contain kaolin, aluminium, silicone, titanium and manganese – all of which are beneficial and protect the skin against harmful effects of the sun. No toxic elements have been identified. The white clay has a sun protection factor (SPF) of 3.2 and the red an SPF of 8.

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