Eudisha Balikaran has been practicing colon therapy for 12 years and has gained extensive experience in both open and closed colon hydrotherapy systems. She currently has an Advanced Colon Hydrotherapy qualification from The Global Professional Association for Colon Hydrotherapy (GPACT). Eudisha has received certification in Nutrition Facilitation from Stuart Wilson & Associates as well as certification in Dr Hulda Clark’s Basic Protocols from Natural Healing South Africa. She has also achieved her Usui Reiki Masters and has completed her Diploma in Natural Health under the College of Naturopathic Nutrition, Ireland.  Eudisha has been managing detox retreats at Fordoun Hotel & Spa for the past 10 years.


Jen began her path towards becoming a Holistic Health Practitioner 21 years ago when she completed her initiation into Usui Reiki, she is now an Usui Reiki Master Teacher. Since then she has studies numerous modalities within the field of Energy Healing. Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Zen Shiatsu, Colourworks, Usiu Reiki for animals, Lymphology, Touch for Health, Angelic Reiki Master Teacher, Golden Heart Merkabah of Creation, Munay No Teacher, Wisdom of Metatron Teacher, Anatomy and Physiology and of course Energy Medicine. She is currently studying a degree in Metaphysics. Jen became an Energy Medicine Practitioner 10 years ago, she is also a teacher of Energy Medicine. This is her passion and what drew her to stepping in as Fordoun’s BioEnergy Specialist. 


Certified TriYoga teacher – Kaley Symon’s has 8 years experience in teaching and 12 years personal experience.

Yoga is the art and practice of unifying the body mind and soul with continued practice one discovers the true nature of the self.

ROBYN TORR BSc Biokinetics

Biokinetics means Life or Body through Movement.

I started my studies at Stellenbosch University in 2010, doing my undergraduate in a Sports Science degree majoring in psychology, I also specialised in Disabilities in my final year. I then continued studying up at the University of Zululand, doing a BSc honours in Biokinetics. We did a lot of practical work at the various biokinetic practices as well as the surrounding hospitals in the area. I was awarded DUX of 2013 BSc Biokinetic honours.

In 2014 I did my internship learning under Jimmy Wright, working at the Sharks Rugby Union, Prime Human Performance Institute, Centre for Sport Medicine Umhlanga Hospital and Sharks Medical. After my internship I moved to Hilton and worked under Morne Booysen for one year. I then opened up my own private practice and now practice from Hilton as well as Nottingham Road.

Biokinetics is the use of exercise as medicine. Biokinetics uses exercise to help with almost any body/joint/muscular problem, such as chronic diseases (Parkinson’s MND, etc), postural problems, all types of joint injuries, acute or chronic, as well as pre and post-operative rehabilitation. We work with all types of populations, from young to old. As well as special needs populations.

Assessments consist of looking at the body as a whole as well as your gait mechanics and posture to find out where the current problems stem from as well as preventing future problems of any sort. Everyone can benefit from a biokinetic assessment as most people have some sort of pain or injury, whether current or old. Biokinetics really focusses on fixing the cause of your pain, problems and injuries as well as preventing future problems, pain and injuries. Often one is compensating without even being aware of it, often these compensations whether it from previous injuries or underlying imbalances of muscles etc, cause further injury or pain down the line. Biokinetics via various tests and analysis finds out where these compensations are and corrects them via exercise. Most of the exercises are very functional body weight exercises, therefore you are able to do it in your own home, which makes it easy to maintain, maintenance of the program is imperative to its success!

I look forward to changing your life through exercise!


Our Executive Chef at Fordoun, Chef Lorenzo Giliomee, will display to you how delicious and satisfying raw vegan food can be with tantalising freshly extracted fruit and vegetable juices and healthy raw meals served at our retreat. Chef Lorenzo will also demonstrate various ways to prepare delicious raw vegan desserts that are both nutritious and guilt-free. He will also demonstrate on how to start your very own vegetable garden. Chef Lorenzo studied at Christina Martin School of  Food and Wine and has worked at various fine establishments including Critchley Hackle Lodge (Dullstroom), Kapama Game Reserve, Sabi Sands, Ulusaba, Ivory Tree Game Reserve to mention a few!


Jules is the General Manager of Fordoun Hotel & Spa. Jules together with the chef and house-keeping staff ensure that our guests every need is taken care of during their stay at Fordoun. You will be made to feel part of the family from the moment you arrive.


Traditional African Healer Dr Elliot Ndlovu, Inyanga (medicinal healer) and Sangoma (spiritual healer) shares with our guests the wisdom and healing powers of Africa. In Elliot’s garden at Fordoun we have over 120 different species of healing plants. We also have two African therapy rooms and Elliot’s consulting room. All built and designed in the traditional Zulu style.

Fordoun Hotel & Spa was awarded Best Luxury Hotel in Nottingham Road, Natal Midlandsas voted for by guests

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