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Fordoun Hotel, located in Nottingham Road in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands, comprises twenty-two luxurious, individually appointed suites with 3 categories of accommodation.

Despite its 5-star luxurious atmosphere and emphasis on quality, Fordoun’s rates are surprisingly competitive in relation to similar hydros elsewhere.

Most of our Luxury rooms were converted from the original farmstead’s sheds that date back to the 19th Century.

Our luxury suites have a king-size bed, bathroom with bath and shower, under floor heating in the bathroom and bedrooms, tea and coffee-making facilities and mini bar area. All rooms have a TV and DVD player.

There is also a double suite with wheelchair access and specially adapted bathroom.

All rooms have an en suite bath and shower as well as separate vanity/changing areas. We also ensure that room temperatures are comfortable with under floor heating, and/or air-conditioning. Telephones, DSTV channels and DVD players are standard equipment. We have designed our rooms to offer practicality as well as being aesthetically pleasing.

# 4 – The Crane Room:

Part of Fordoun’s land has been donated to the Crane Foundation for, in particular, the rehabilitation of the endangered Wattled Crane. This is the theme for Room 4. Cranes mate for life, so we use this room on romantic occasions.

# 5 – Panorama’s Palace:

Panorama was an Aberdeen Angus bull bought by Sir George and Lady Usher. When he won the Grand Champion Bull prize at the Rand Show, they were so proud of him that they built him his own barn, called Panorama’s Palace. How things have changed!

# 6 – The Secret Garden

Micheline Bates, who did all the interiors of the rooms, is an avid gardener. There are beautiful gardens at Fordoun and in the surrounding Midlands, so it is a fitting theme. The stones are from the original walls.

click here # 7 – The William Nkabinde Room

William Nkabinde was one of the most incredible gentlemen that we ever had the pleasure of meeting. He was employed by Sir George Usher as butler/chauffeur, and would accompany Sir George on most of his activities. William would be sent ahead on Sir George and Lady Usher’s travels to Europe to arrange their itinerary, and would fetch them when they docked or landed. He learnt to speak numerous European languages, had impeccably gracious manners and earned the respect of all at Fordoun. We saw it only fitting to dedicate a room to him.

click # 8 – The Aviary

One of our larger rooms, the Aviary room has a lot of original features. It celebrates the wonderful bird life that we have at Fordoun and in the Midlands.

get link # 9 – The Tree House

If you take a walk around Fordoun you will see some very old trees, many planted by the first people to settle in the area in the 1850s. The bar in Skye Restaurant was made from an old Cedar Pine tree. We counted the rings on the tree when it was felled and it revealed that the tree must have been planted before William Taylor (the first recorded settler) had arrived at Fordoun.  We assume that Afrikaans settlers had settled here briefly before moving off, but we have no record of this.

follow url # 10 – The Bushmen Room

The Bushmen are the original inhabitants of Southern Africa and although they never settled permanently in the Midlands they certainly used to hunt in the area. Over 150 years ago the Midlands looked like the Serengeti with vast herds of grazing animals making yearly migrations through the lush grasslands. In winter after the frosts most of the herds moved off to new grazing. Not too far from here in the Kamberg Nature Reserve are magnificent Bushmen rock paintings which can be visited on guided walks.

# 11 – The Nguni Room

Farming and the country are strong themes throughout Fordoun. There is a herd of Nguni traditional African cattle on the property, so it made sense to utilise the very interesting and beautiful coat patterns of the Nguni as a theme for one of our rooms.

# 12 – The Fishing Room

Since we can remember trout fishing has been the major pastime at Fordoun. Years ago the South African record trout was caught in one of the Fordoun dams. The couples that seem to be happiest at Fordoun are ones where the wife spends a couple of days in the Spa and the husband succeeds in catching a beautiful trout.

# 14 – The Romance Room

A lot of couples come to Fordoun for a Romantic Getaway, honeymoons and anniversaries, and so the Romance room personifies these special moments.

# 15 – The Conservation Room

Bill Barnes, Peter Brown, Betty Jonson, and Lady Usher amongst others were early eco-warriors fighting on behalf of conservation. Land situated between Fordoun and the village of Nottingham Road has been donated to conservation and named the Bill Barnes Conservancy. The room is dedicated to their achievements.

# 16 – The Dairy Parlor

The main industry at Fordoun used to be dairy; Lady Usher developed a pedigreed herd of Jersey cows that on a yearly basis won prestigious awards at the Royal Show. Sylvia (in charge of Housekeeping) used to manage the dairy, and worked there from a very young age. This was a sustainable family business.

# 17 – The Indian Room

The Indian community of Nottingham Road has been around for a long time, at the forefront of trade in the village. Sylvia’s family has been based at Fordoun since she was born. It made sense to utilise the beautiful rich colors and fabrics that an Indian theme deserves.

# 18 – The William Taylor Room

William Taylor was the first permanent settler at Fordoun. He arrived from Perthshire in Scotland in 1857 and Room 18 was part of the original homestead that he built. The original title deeds can be seen in our Skye Restaurant.

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