Fordoun … the seasons are changing ….

The midlands is known for experiencing four seasons in a day, and that has certainly been true for the last week.  We had summer weather, bordering on a heat wave, with lovely evenings … then hectic winds that ravaged our province from coast to berg…and this week it was followed by  very indifferent weather.

The farm is showing, what farmers call a “green drought”.  This is when the burnt veld is coming away green but there is no bulk to the growth.  It is only green because the weather is heating up and the day lengths are increasing, but we are lacking the rains to encourage real growth.  The cattle graze on the green but do not gain the weight that they should as they are not getting a decent belly full of food.  The hotter and lengthening days are also causing the “greening up” of the avenue … see the progression

the iconic Fordoun pin oak avenue – taken on 20 September showing growth changes over the week

The vervet monkeys however will always make a plan to survive, and they have been munching the acorns that fall from the Fordoun pin oak avenue.  If a car drives past they do not move or get worried but as soon as it stops they become alert.  If you open your door or window they will scurry away and eat further down the avenue keeping a watchful eye on you.  Their resilience and survival skills always brings a smile to my face …..

click here The iconic Fordoun avenue – 13 September showing greening up ….