Fordoun Bioenergy Centre

Creating a sense of harmony in body, mind and spirit through balancing the body’s energy system.

The Fordoun Bioenergy Centre is located at the Fordoun Hotel in Nottingham Road and encompasses all aspects of mental, emotional, structural (physical), nutritional and spiritual components of wellbeing. Please view our treatments below and if you would like to make a booking, please complete our online spa booking form or contact us on 033 266-6217.


  • Bioenergy Rebalancing

A gentle hands-on treatment activating and balancing all aspects of the energy system leaving one feeling relaxed and more in harmony with oneself and with life. Very good for stress release.

  • Bioenergy Rebalancing Intensive (Jenny)

An energy rebalancing, working with specific issues ranging from stress related illnesses, clearing the self energetically, healing wounds, limiting beliefs to relationship issues.

  • Bioenergy Rebalancing Massage

An energy release through a combination of deep tissue massage and bioenergy rebalancing.

  • Reiki

A non intrusive hands-on treatment, using universal energy which creates greater energy flow in the body enabling appropriate self-healing to take place.