Jen (Jennifer, if you’d prefer to use!)began her path towards becoming a Holistic Health Practitioner (You could say BioEnergy Specialist as that makes sense in Fordoun terms) 21 years ago (or you can say 1988) when she completed her initiation into Usui Reiki, she is now an Usui Reiki Master Teacher. Since then she has studies numerous modalities within the field of Energy Healing. Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Zen Shiatsu, Colourworks, Usiu Reiki for animals, Lymphology, Touch for Health, Angelic Reiki Master Teacher, Golden Heart Merkabah of Creation, Munay No Teacher, Wisdom of Metatron Teacher, Anatomy and Physiology and of course Energy Medicine. She is currently studying a degree in Metaphysics. (You might not want to list all this!) Jen became and Energy Medicine Practitioner 10 years ago, she is now also a teacher of Energy Medicine. This is her passion and what drew her to stepping in as Fordoun’s BioEnergy Specialist. 

What is BioEnergy?

We are not just the physical body that we see in the mirror, we are also made up of energy! In fact we look at the person as being physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. In the same way in that your circulatory system, or endocrine system has it’s functions our energy system is designed in the same way! By looking at what your body’s energy system is doing in relation to stress, anxiety, limiting beliefs, relationship issues, or any other imbalance, we are able to realign the energy system and help you to achieve optimal health within that context.

A basic BioEnergy session includes moving, clearing, sending, reinforcing or repairing energy. A session is gentle, relaxing and often life changing! Your session will start with a discussion of what your needs and goals are, you will then lie on the plinth, close your eyes and drift off into a space of relaxation and healing as I work to realign your energy system. Once completed, I gently ask you to open your eyes and once awake we discuss your experience, my findings and then find what it is you might need to do for yourself going forward to support the healing and changes you’d like to make in your life.

follow site If you are detoxing an energy balance is wonderful in supporting the body to release all that you no longer need, you might need some support during the detox as emotions come to the fore and the body let’s go of things it’s been holding onto for, sometimes, years! Once the detox comes to an end it is wonderful to have an energy balance to support the changes you are planning to make in your life and to assist you on your journey to becoming the best, happiest, strongest person you can be! I look forward to supporting you on your journey towards optimal health! 

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