Wow … the midlands is looking fantastic.  After the snow and rains of last week the sun is out (weak but out..), the days are crisp and clear and the air is pure and fresh.  The outdoors are putting their “best foot forward” and encouraging us to explore and experience it.

The farmers of the midlands are happy ….after lovely rains the sunny days are just perfect.  Many of the farmers have finished planting their maize and the timing of the rains could not have been better.  Generally a very resilient plant, maize thrives with rains and then hot days after planting and during emergence.

enter site Fordoun … total peace


With the end of the year fast approaching, holidays and new beginnings are on everyone’s minds:

Interesting fact:  an hour in a floatation tank gives you all the benefits of a day on holiday ……

here come and enjoy our flotation tank at the Spa…..


The old dairy silo was converted into a state-of-the-art salt water floatation tank.