Gladys has been part of the Fordoun team for well over all 50 years… working in the gardens, cleaning the rooms … wherever she is needed. And a smiley ier, happy ier, keen to please lady you will never meet. If delight was a tangible force, it would hit you in the gut and double you over, she has an abundance of it. She is a reliable work force on her own giving every task her best and more. And she raved and raved about “Bates” and what he has done for her. She makes me look at the various lines that run into her yard… electricity, tv, phone lines…She also takes me for a guided tour of her three bedroom home. The symbol of pride…..

Being the beginning of winter, Gladys’s home, on the Fordoun farmer quarters, shows soil preparations for the spring planting of veggies. But her flower garden is neat, full of the subdued colours of winter. The roses have been pruned, the lawn is raked clean and her yard is neat, tidy and un-cluttered. When I went to visit Gladys, a big bright blue and white stripped celebration tent stands loud and proud in her yard. This past weekend was party-time on Fordoun farm.

The view from Gladys’s house is across the open crane foundation lands and up to the Drakensberg…. stunning. Her house is the first along the road and a pleasant welcoming sight.

I leave Fordoun Farm workers-village with a very light spirit and happy heart.

Life is good on FFWV…this is really one big family working together ….

Gladys …. painting by Georgina Elizabeth

Celebration time on FFWV .,..

Gladys’s daily view ….