Following on from last week’s information:

the ladies’ morning with guest speaker Lisa Bobbert to help raise funds for Aspens church mission to India, was a massive success. They managed to raise over R13 000. The community really pulled together and made this all possible. But, of course, it was the beautiful venue that made the morning so special.

View of snow blanketed Drakensberg from Fordoun Farm conference venue

Here in the midlands we have had a few days of cold, rainy, and icy winds. But the clouds lifted for us and gave us an awesome view from the Fordoun venue.

It was a true sublime feeling, being all safe and warm yet seeing this hostile environment clear, to display white covered mountains – crisp and clean. So close you felt as if you could reach out and touch them. One of the ladies was so excited because she could clearly see “their hill” tucked up under the giants nose, and remarked “how close it looks, I should come to town more often!” ….
Looking onward and upward ….
Karen McKenzie (NLP Coach) and Brenda McFie (Professional Specialised Kinesiologist) are running a life crafting retreat during June.
Autumn is a time of mightiness and splendour and a change in season, especially one that is so distinct, often evokes heightened awareness of the beauty and delights of nature. This brings a tactile example of the circle of life.

Life … joy … mindfulness … clarity

They will welcome and take you on a divine journey, co-ordinating action plans for life: centred on personal integrity, truth, and peace. Together with the tranquil, serene, and beautiful country side of Fordoun, you can re-focus, rejuvenate, clarify your thoughts and aspirations while listening to the beating of your heart.

Fordoun has ideal family accommodation.  Why not end this course with a family long weekend away.

Fordoun … for the family …