According to SANBI (National Biodiversity Institute) March to May are the official months of Autumn in the Natal midlands.  Autumn is a time to recuperate.

It is when the midlands change their colors to the deep reds, yellows and browns.  All various shades and colors. The avenue as you enter Fordoun is an array of color and the falling leaves create a carpet. Soft and gentle under bare feet. Around the dam in front of the hotel the different trees show us the diversity of color. To while away time walking around the dam is time well spent, getting back to nature.

Crisp mornings, warm days ,beautiful sunsets and cosy evenings.  The evenings can be spent around a fire. Recuperate

Tossing and turning all night? The importance of sleep can never be underestimated.  A positive change in sleep patterns is linked to improved physical and mental health and is as beneficial to your happiness as winning the lottery, research has found. After analysing the sleep patterns of over 30 000 people, scientists at Warwick University in the UK found that sleeping well gave a ‘mood boost’ similar to winning a jackpot of £120 000! In addition, as people’s sleep improved, so too did their general health and psychological wellbeing.
taken from March-April 2017 Fordoun Newsletter

Come to Fordoun and share autumn in the midlands with us … take in the natural beauty around us … recuperate

Fordoun newsletter …


  • Join the locals as they run and ride for conservation in the RNR (Rosetta Nottingham Road) Conservancy Run and Ride on 7 May 2017 … visit for more info.
  • Sunday 14th of May is Mothers Day. Fordoun has a put a package together, so that the special woman in your life can have a luxurious relaxing break full of the nicest things in life…
  • They are also running a comrades marathon special. The comrades is an up-run, finishing in PMB, so why not spoil your weary body … recuperate

Welcome to Fordoun …